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I was born in Sydney, Australia the third daughter to
our Mum and Dad. The memories of my childhood always bring a smile to my face, lots of sister fun, my two wonderful "big" sisters still both live in Australia with their families. 

Our Mum was a wonderful seamstress. I spent many hours at her side learning her sewing secrets.

Dad was handy with a needle and not a stranger to a sewing machine.

I don"t remember a time when I didn"t sew. I was always making doll clothes and eventually my own clothes. As a young bride, I came to America and pursued my love of textiles and fabric at every opportunity. When my two sons were little, they were the best- dressed boys in town! I loved creating all their outfits and Halloween costumes were my chance to shine.

Over the years, while living in New York, California, Arizona, Iowa, Washington and now Oregon, I became an avid quilter and taught quilting to support my sewing habit. My early adventures in doll making led me to develop a deep appreciation for cloth dolls and vintage linens that I used to dress them.  Over the years my work has evolved into all kinds of Folk Art. Along with my passion for thrifting, and recycling I now incorporate lots of found items in my folk art pieces. Even though I was not raised celebrating Halloween in Australia, it has become another passion and my favorite folk art to create. 

Since both my sons live in Oregon, several years ago I retired from my school librarian job and decided to make the big move and relocate to the NorthWest. What an adventure it has been,  I live in a small town called Scappoose, which is about a 30 minute drive from Portland. It is great to have the peace and quiet of a small town but be close to such an interesting and fun city. Being just a stone throw from the coast and mountains makes living in Oregon amazing .
I have been blessed with two amazing little grandchildren, Malcolm and Olive. They bring me endless joy and I am fortunate to live so close and enjoy them on a regular basis. 

After retiring and moving here, just for fun I participated in a few shows here in Vancouver, Washington and also around Portland. It was great to be out meeting wonderful customers and other art friends. This re-ignited my passion to create and share my Folk Art with those customers. 
I make what I love for people who love what I make. 
Enjoy my creations. 




I have been featured In the Better Homes and Gardens
Country Crafts magazine, and also in several editions of Australian Cloth Dolls, Bears and Collectibles.

~ Enjoy perusing my folk creations. ~

*Remember, I?m always willing to work with customers
on special requests.

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